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Page Number Game, Tuesday 10/29!

October 29, 2013 · 10 Comments

Welcome to a new day of the page number game!

Give me a page number in the comments and I will post you an excerpt from that page with an Intriguing or Interesting Bit.  Please restrict yourself to THREE entries per day (not per blog post).

If anyone stumbles on one of my top SIX favorite, non-spoilery pages, prizes will be given.

One of you has won something!

Elizabeth Shack said 3, 325:

 Though he saw the castle every day, Sand rarely thought about the place anymore. But to a small child, the split towers were exciting, perhaps a place for great adventure, with a  lost treasure hidden somewhere inside.

“I didn’t want to be greedy,” Perrotte said. “That will teach me.”

YKL said: 74, 150, or 299?

“God’s guts,” she swore, rubbing her scalp.

Blacksmithing appeared easy, on the surface of it–heat metal and bend it!

This will be an honest peace.

Gabi said: Hmm . . . how about 63?

He hit his head on a doorway and died.

Steve Buchheit said: 53, 211, and 298

And what sort of caution would you have learned if I had stopped you?

Your mother loves you, and your saints love you.

Have you come to broker a peace?

Ash said: 198, 194, 126

That was no way to keep a promise to God.

Does magic care about the spirit of one’s intentions or does it care about results?

He wanted to apologize for being so silent and skittish the day before, but he wasn’t sure he was done being silent and skittish.

YKL said: Extra guesses per Monday update: 15, 260, 270
Torn bedsheets made good bandages, and there were plenty of linens to choose from.
The annoyance faded from Perrotte’s face.  Her eyes went wide, and she came forward as though pulled by an invisible rope.
Another group of knights had come to parley–and this time they had a prisoner.
Gabi said: 214!
She thought she might become quite good at smithing someday.

Steve Buchheit said: 1, 98, 280

Sand woke, curled in the ashes of a great fireplace.

“He made me learn to read.  I studied every day with the village priest.  Papa intended for me to go to a university and study there.”

“Your father owes me a life.”

Mary said: 275, 256, 146

Some things don’t need to be mended.
Removing the skull from the chapel felt like a kind of sacrilege.
There had been a time when Sand had believed that Agnote was calm always.
Mr. Buchheit, please send me your mailing address!
Two prizes left/three days left in the contest! I will now let you know that the remaining winning entries lie between pages 50 and 275.  Spread the word!  The very next entry could contain the ARC winner!

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