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Page Number Game: The End & the Final Winner!

November 1, 2013 · 4 Comments

Thank you all for playing  my random little page number game!

Steve Buchheit said: Since I’ve won, I’m not guessing. I just wanted to say, Mer, this is a great contest.

Thanks, Steve!  It was a lot of fun for me too!

Mary guesses: 


Already guessed, alas!


It had all happened in a place so dark that it was hard to remember, a place so deep it that it was starless.


Already guessed, once again.


“She’s not a pigeon.”


“If you control the fire, you control when the iron is hot.”

Gabi’s guesses:


He pulled the mattress off the broken bedframe and stuffed the feathers back inside.  He sewed the mattress, using a nail from his purse as an awl and strips of old sheets for thread, tying each of his stitches like Agnote would knot a quilt.


She heard a comforting sound in the distance: clang, clang, clang, ring.


A pile of thorns lay in a bowl next to Perrotte’s bed, where they glistened malevolently in the moonlight that spilled into her father’s bedchamber.


“My tutor, Efflam, taught me how to build a memory storehouse.”


“When I was little, if I asked questions about the place, everyone shushed me, or told me not to think about it.  So I stopped asking and I stopped thinking about it.  Mostly.”

Michelle Bitner Smith’s guesses:


Had a previous appearance.


“You need proper religious instruction before you move out into the world of temptations and trials.”


Jannet had yanked the first thing out of the closest chest: Perrotte’s prized astrolabe, swaddled in silk.


Already guessed, again.


It was as though another layer had been scraped from a parchment, and the words and images from the soaked-in ink disappeared.


The suddenness of Perrotte’s stone stillness and her tears made no sense to Sand.

Alana Joli Abbott‘s guesses:


“Of course I have an imagination,” she said, sounding prickly again.


Already guessed.


She eyed the kitchen table’s collection of broken and dirty foods.


“Your bed? Your bed, in my father’s room?”


He was reminded again of what it was like taking care of his little sisters.  This would be a temper tantrum then? And he should just ignore it?

Danielle D’s guesses:


“Well.  Here we are, then, trapped in Castle Boisblanc, where everything is broken.”


“We can talk about it,” Perrotte said.  “For as long as you like. For days. For weeks. But I’ll get my way.”


“The hedge–” he began excitedly, but Perrotte was watching Merlin fly off into the deepening hyacinth-colored dusk.


He hadn’t tasted fresh food of any sort in weeks.


Sand tried to sound comforting.  “Some things just wear out, Perr.”

YKL’s guesses:


“Not so old, when she died, and she had been Queen of France twice over, and mother of two daughters…”


He jogged off to the other room, returning with half-blankets piled high in his arms.


She crept down to the kitchen. The falcon’s eyes shown in her candle’s light across the room.

“Did I wake you?” she asked. “Or can’t you sleep either?”

The falcon did not answer. She found that reassuring. Sand’s magic was frightening; she was pretty sure it frightened even him…  but at least animals hadn’t started to speak.


No points awarded–this page is too short and spoilery to pick on.  It starts with “In” however.


Sand woke to the scent of porridge.


YKL, you are the final winner with p. 123.  Please send your mailing address to merriehaskell AT by 11/5 to claim your prize, please!

It was a magnificent race, you all!  I am so pleased there was a hard win, and I didn’t have to resort to figuring out HOW to apply a random number generator (though I did figure it out around noon, which is long after I knew there was a winner but hadn’t finished this entry).

Congrats all, and thank you so much for playing.

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