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Page Number Game Says Happy Halloween!

October 31, 2013 · 7 Comments

Welcome to the LAST DAY TO ENTER the page number game! THE RULES ARE DIFFERENT, because it’s the last day.

Give me a page number in the comments and I will post you an excerpt from that page with an Intriguing or Interesting Bit, or at least a non-spoilery one.

You may make FIVE guesses.

The last prize is a (currently) rare ARC of The Castle Behind Thorns.  

If no one hits the winning page number (don’t forget the range is between pages 75 and 200), there will be a Sudden Death Round by random number generator.

One of you won something today.

Gabi said: How about . . . 116, 160, 184?

“Sometimes truths are so complicated that it’s exhausting to get them out in the right order.”

Sand imagined a spinning vortex of earth opening like a great mouth and sucking down the whole of a castle.  He knew only one castle, this castle, and the picture in his mind was disturbing.

He lifted his visor. “I’m aware of the thorns,” he called.

Michelle Bitner Smith said: 76, 77, 78

But a good fire couldn’t be rushed, even with a bellows.

Her mere existence changed his world.

He had gotten a little lost in the process of working the hook.  He came back to the world during the quench.  The bubble and hiss of water meeting hot metal was as satisfying as ever.

Mary said: 154, 260, 272

Before he opened his eyes, he could hear gulls calling to each other as they rode the winds.

p. 260 is a repeat, and such a short page, I can bequeath no other offerings from it (it’s the end of a chapter, and a spoilery one at that)

They stood awkwardly together for a moment.  Sand thought: If she were his sister, he would just hug her.

Mary also said: Oops 4 guesses today. 274 as well.

When she first married my father, I–foolishly–told her I loved her.  I didn’t really, but it seemed like the right thing to say to my new mother.

YKL said: I’m almost taking it as my own little victory when I find more food-related snippets. =)

79, 129, 174, and 199

Ugh.  Sorry, YKL, page 79 is impossible to extract a meaningful snippet from.  I did find you a food snippet on 199 to make up for it!

“I don’t know how to feed the falcon.”

The muddy fields were greening, like everything else in the world that he and Perrotte were no longer part of.

Vines that clung to the keep wall for support started to bud — Perrotte assured Sand that they were roses, and they would have rose petals to scent their wash water, and tart rose hips to snack on come autumn.

Gabi also said:  193!

“The artistry in blacksmithing is knowing where to hit, more than your strength of arm.  So the way that works is, the master smith, or in my case, the smith with more experience, hits the pieces with a lighter hammer, and then you, as the smith with less experience, try to hit the same spot with the sledge.  That’s all you have to do, just follow my lead.” 

She nodded, looking a bit unsure of herself, but did not refuse or hesitate.  “All right.  Anything else I should do, oh, master smith?” She gave him a funny little bow, tipping an imaginary hat to him.

Congrats, Gabi!

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