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Page Number Game Entries from Wednesday, 10/23

October 24, 2013 · 6 Comments

Welcome to day 3 of the page number game!

Give me a page number in the comments and I will post you an excerpt from that page with an Intriguing or Interesting Bit.  I am amending that you should restrict yourself to THREE entries per day, just ‘cuz it’s going to get ridiculous otherwise.

If anyone stumbles on one of my top SIX favorite, non-spoilery pages, prizes will be given.

One of you has won.  There are now four prizes left.

YKL said: Um, 59.

A girl, dressed in saffron velvet and russet silk, with frizzled golden-brown hair flowing from under a small cap…

Mary said: 277

He shushed her. He could barely hold the whole of this mad idea in his head. All he could see was what needed to be done next, and then he did it, the whole plan only glimmering at the edges of his awareness.

Gabi said: How do you pronounce Perrotte’s name?  And because we can enter 3 guesses . . . 57, 200, 313

Perrotte…  pronounce it Frenchly?  LOL.  It’s NOT like “parrot.”  Pair and rote, pair-rote.  With a gurgly R.  Sand is meant to be pronounced with an “ah” like father instead of an “and,” and also no, you don’t pronounce the D at the end.  But! You all say them how you like to say them, in your mind.  Because I say Sand-like-and except when I’m REALLY thinking about it!  Though I never call Perr “parrot.”

In the chapel, sunlight poured through the colored glass windows depicting the strange life of Saint Melor and his metal limbs.

He’d often considered asparagus a burden.

What did you say that got you imprisoned by Jannet?

Michelle Bitner Smith said: 18

He slept there, the first night, by his fire, under the eyes of the phoenix and the swan.

Mary said: 178

I thought nothing grew here.

Steve Buchheit said: 12

She smelled like… nothing, really.  Stone, maybe.

Alana Joli Abbott said:  How about 42?

He prayed to Saint Eloi to send his stepmother a sign.


Well done, Gabi!  You won a copy of The Princess Curse with page 200 and the burdensome asparagus.  I wish I could quote you the whole scene.  Email me at merriehaskell AT by November 1st with your address to claim your prize.  (Though I think you’ve won something from me before–but still send it to me, please!)

FYI, I left a clue on my author’s page on Facebook.  It’s up to you to find and use it, but it will certainly help you focus your entries in the comments below!

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