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Page Number Game Entries from Tuesday, 10/22

October 23, 2013 · 8 Comments

Welcome to day 2 of the page number game!

Give me a page number in the comments and I will post you an excerpt from that page with an Intriguing or Interesting Bit.  I am amending that you should restrict yourself to THREE entries per day, just ‘cuz it’s going to get ridiculous otherwise.

If anyone stumbles on one of my top SIX favorite, non-spoilery pages, prizes will be given.


Mary said p. 93:

She wondered if her old astrolabe and any of her other possessions were still in the castle. She was afraid to find them, though; they must be broken like everything else.

Asakiyume said p. 100:

“Parents never make any sense,” Perrotte said, almost to herself.

Ash said p. 243:

‘A garrison of two hundred men armed with forty-eight hand crossbows, two great crossbows, and about forty thousand arrows and bolts, can hold off an attacking force of several thousand.’

Danielle D said p. 250:

“What is wrong? Who is that girl?” // “A ghost,” Gilles said, swallowing hard.

Danielle D. said p. 28:

Sand’s body felt lighter, like he’d taken off the heavy goatskin coat he wore in the winter.

Danielle D. said p. 90:

Bad sleep was why she had come to be an observer of stars.  Before her father remarried, there had been no questioning of her late nights and lazy mornings, or the reason that she needed doors in a tower ceiling and a servant to come prop them open for her, or star charts, or an astrolabe, or a tutor in the natural sciences.

Madhavi Chandra said p. 325:

“I didn’t want to be greedy,” Perrotte said. “That will teach me.”

Michelle Bitner Smith said p. 17:

Stories didn’t know everything.

Gabi said p. 11:

The body hunched in a haphazard pile of withered skin. Like one of the apples in the kitchen.

Gabi also said p. 300:

(Ooooh, Gabi, this page is sooooo spoilery and so good, and I am sooo sorry that  I have to pick a really boring part.)

The Queen arched an eyebrow at the Princess.

Steve B: said p. 252:

Every word seemed to fall through Sand’s chest and strike his heart, one sickening thud after another.

YKL said p. 101:

He did not look forward to a time when turnips might figure more prominently in their diet.

Mary said p. 198:

He busied himself with his own forge, as though he’d not been staring at the top of her head the last few moments.

Celesta said p. 5:

Sand couldn’t even imagine the force it would take to rip an iron kettle in half without heating it to glowing hot, but it had been done, over and over.

Eddie said p. 107:

She was silent for a moment, still pumping the bellows meditatively. Sand kept an eye on the rate of burn, fretting for the lost charcoal. The castle held a lot of charcoal, but when they ran out, they would be out forever.

And ze winner:

Mary said p. 245:

“If you are trying to antagonize him, you are doing a very good job,” Perrotte whispered. // Sand scuffed his shoe at her. “I’m just telling the truth!” // “You’re very good at telling it in the most maddening way possible.” 

Mary, you won a paperback of The Princess Curse.  Send my your address at merriehaskell AT by November 1.  Five prizes left!  Keep throwing out page numbers–some of you have gotten close!

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