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Off to Capricon 32

February 10, 2012 · Leave a Comment

Leaving in the next 15 minutes in fact.

I have a reading on Sunday. I have read the first two chapters of The Princess Curse aloud at readings exclusively for the past… year and a half? Two years? It’s old hat to me, but I always have to wonder if it’s still the right thing to read. (I experimented at my last reading by reeling off Chapter Six, and at Orycon, I read the cow, pig, chicken trifecta. That’s always a hit. But the right thing to read is definitely Chapter 1 & 2, with some edits. I just… happen to be sick of it.

Of course, moving on to the next work is risky. The perhaps-not-really-titled A Handbook for Dragon Slayers is not out until Summer 2013 at the earliest. So I’m sure it’s too soon to start reading from that. Plus, I’m still so close to it, I have a hard time identifying the hookiest parts. (Note to self: in current revision, deliberately write a scene that is super-hooky for reading aloud.) (Well, in thinking about that for about 23 seconds, I totally figured out which scene it is.)

Okay! That was four minutes I didn’t have. Must stick to my (revised) schedule, and be out the door at 7:30! Though, oddly, this blog thinks it’s 12:16 PM; I have tried and tried to switch to my time zone, but to little avail. Off to Chicago!

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