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Page Number Game with entries from Tuesday, 10/29

October 30, 2013 · 7 Comments

Welcome to another day of the page number game!

Give me a page number in the comments and I will post you an excerpt from that page with an Intriguing or Interesting Bit, or at least a non-spoilery one.  In honor of the second-to-last day of the game, you should restrict yourself to FOUR entries per day (independent of the blog post it’s on) (up from 3).

Whenever someone stumbles on one of my top SIX favorite, non-spoilery pages, prizes are given.  The last prize is a (currently) rare ARC of The Castle Behind Thorns.  

The last two prizes have not been awarded.  See the original entry for details on prizes.

Alana Joli Abbott said: Hmmm, 56, 201, and 142.

Light came from the crack in the ceiling, the dimmest, faintest of lights through the slenderest of cracks, but it kept her from total blindness here in the dark.

Sand wondered if they might starve slowly on asparagus and larks and half-rotten turnips.

Glowing colors showed through fire scale. But the rainbow of tempering colors could only be seen on clean steel by bright daylight.

Michelle Bitner Smith said: 53, 153, 253

p. 53 is a repeat…  and a hard page to find an isolated sentence on, so no sentence is awarded at this time.  p. 153 makes up for it though!

A woman came to her where she clutched the birch tree, a woman dressed in black even deeper than the darkness, a woman without a face, with just a red, empty scar where face should have been.

Sorry, p. 253 is a repeat also.

Gabi said: 97, 114, 273

He served them both bowls of stew, giving her the spoon while he ate with his hands.

He had his mouth open to argue, when from the kitchen door a gentle thump interrupted him.

Agnote is a midwife. 

Mary said: 124, 176, 271

She awakened in a place where darkness was light.

“I know turnip stew is not your favorite–“

“The traitor, Bleyz of Redon, will be executed for his crime of fomenting rebellion among the barons of this countship.”

YKL said: Going for 60, 70, and 261.

Because I know y’all are tired of vegetables:

He put a good porridge on to cook in a copper pod.  He combined oats with dried bits of plum, pear, apple, raisins, and some carefully picked-over crystals of honey.

“Blacksmithing takes strength of eyes and mind more than strength of arm.  I’m plenty strong enough in arm. You are strong enough.”

For a flicker of a moment, the strangers’ aspects changed; shadowy scars appeared across both their necks, and one of the boy’s hands gleamed silver.

Madhavi Chandra said: 8, 13, 196

Over this larger, irregular yard loomed the four-towered keep, the castle’s last bastion against attack.  Here, finally, Sand saw the true sundering of the castle: Daylight shown through a giant crack running north-south through the keep’s walls.

Something else had happened here.  Something that cut leather, ripped apples in half, and tore apart cast iron kettles.  

“It’s a good way to live one’s life,” she said seriously. “To observe, to test, to assess, before trying to bend something.”


Some of you got pretty close.

Some of you ignored previous hints!

The remaining winning page numbers fall in the page 75-200 page range.

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